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Your oral health has a connection with your overall health. If your teeth are not healthy, the chances are that your body is not healthy, or is vulnerable to an infection. Regular dental cleanings and exams are important to your overall health because they help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health problems. If you keep your mouth healthy, your body will be healthy, too.

Gums that are swollen by periodontal disease can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Gum disease can not only cause problems for your teeth and mouth, but has also been linked to heart disease, respiratory complications and dementia. It can also cause complications for people who live with diabetes.

It is important to promptly detect and treat gum disease, infection, and tooth decay. Our dentist and friendly team can help you to take the right steps to maintain good oral health.

Knolls Dental Care cares about your overall health in Long Beach, California. To learn more about your mouth – body connection, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Kim, please contact our office at 562-427-3890. We look forward to being your partner for good health!